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Hi, I'm Sarah.


It's a story of how I ended up being so passionate about all things movement and play. Because the truth is my background is corporate and most definitely not sporty or movement-related. 

For years I was pretty serious and constantly plagued with back pain following car accidents in my teens. My posture also really sucked. It directly affected how I felt (hello pain!) as well as my confidence, ability to live life and get stuff done.

I looked at so many different things to help. Chiropractor. Yoga class. Massage. A new chair. You name it, I tried it.


The truth is, all those things helped. But the effect never lasted. Within a week or two, I was back to exactly where I was. 


And the medical consensus was that my back was beyond repair. Nothing would fix it. Being told to expect a lifetime of pain was dispiriting to say the least.


Then someone mentioned this thing called Feldenkrais® Method. It sounded weird (I mean who can even pronounce that?). 


But I was in pain, so I was willing to give it a go.

In the classes I discovered that I carried a LOT of tension that I didn’t even realise was there. Turns out I had loads of compensatory movement patterns from my injuries.


The classes and a few Feldenkrais® 1-1 hands-on sessions also challenged my beliefs about “it is what it is, and this is how I am”. 


Slowly I found new ways of moving. New ways of sitting easily. New ways of thinking about myself.

It was a mind-blowing discovery to know that change was possible. My banged-up, achy, slouchy and not-very-bendy body could get better! 


Within a year or two, everything was different. My back pain? Disappeared. My posture? Soooo much better. My self-belief? Through the roof!

Now, 20-something years later, I am moving better than ever before. And yes, I’m still pain-free. 

(though of course, I’m still human and sometimes still do stupid things that result in pain or injury, but I know I’ve got all the tools to help myself get back on track).

And that is why in 2007 I decided to do the 800-hour Feldenkrais Method training programme.


And share it. 


Because people need to know this stuff! 


The simple fact is we don’t get taught about how our bodies or brains work. We don’t pay enough attention to how we do stuff. We don’t know how to listen or trust ourselves. We don't believe in the power of possibility.

I really believe it’s the missing piece for better movement and feeling great.

Want to know more?

Sarah is a Certified Feldenkrais ® Practitioner and registered member of the New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild ®. 


Moving well benefits all parts of your body, including your brain.


The Feldenkrais Method ® (pronounced Fell-den-krice - rhymes with “nice”)  taps into your brain and body’s capacity to learn and change. It helps you develop new movement and lifestyle habits to create life-changing results. 


Named after its founder, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais (1904–1984), the Feldenkrais Method ® is a science-backed combination of movement, physics, psychology and human development.


Dr Feldenkrais developed Method in response to his own knee injuries, drawing on his extensive experience in engineering, physics and martial arts.

Now Feldenkrais ® practitioners from all over the world are trained to help you improve your movement, balance, breathing and more.

The Feldenkrais Method ® is not just pushing muscles around,

but changing things in the brain itself.

Karl Pribram, MD, Neuropsychologist

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