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Sarah makes classes fun and interesting at the same time. I find it fascinating to learn how the smallest of movements can have such an impact on the way my body works. I have benefited from the classes and recommend them to everyone.

Julie, Accounts Clerk

I came back to Feldenkrais classes because movements such as putting on my socks was becoming difficult. And at 70, I’m not quite ready for that!  Becoming aware of how you move makes everything a lot easier.  I’ve found that using awareness of physical movements to be an easy way to develop mindfulness, as well as improve how I move. And I can’t get over how relaxing it is! 

William Ison, Retiree

Thank you for showing me how to breathe fully and making me more mindful of the tension I hold. Also for bringing awareness to the rest and recovery periods I need at times.  I feel like I have more control now and this will help with life and of course the up and coming squash season.

Mel G, Office Worker

I highly recommend Sarah and Feldenkrais. I came to Feldenkrais looking for relief from chronic sciatica pain in my right leg and SI joint. My first meeting with Sarah was very reassuring. The movements were very gentle with an emphasis on breathing properly. After the first session I felt as though my shoulders had dropped and I was walking more easily.  Any aches and pains from daily life are alleviated by doing one or more of the exercises from Sarah’s comprehensive follow up notes (no special equipment involved).  Best of all, I have no sciatica pain.

Carol C, Receptionist

After just a few sessions with Sarah my shoulders and neck started to loosen up and the headaches were gone. I was completely amazed what she had achieved in such a short time. I feel much more relaxed overall, not just in my shoulders. Sarah has given me fantastic tools to improve my overall wellbeing. Feldenkrais has improved my daily life tremendously! 

Andrea H, Homemaker

Thanks for your wonderful treatment last week. I have been feeling much better and also sleeping better which is great. Thanks so much for your care and attention.  

Cathy C, Bank Officer

I had aching joints, a sore back and difficulty with certain movements like lifting my arms (due to a previous rotator cuff injury). I started an individual programme and an ongoing series of group classes. I was surprised to notice an improvement after my first session and am now taking less pain relief. I no longer limp when walking because the pain in my right hip has gone. I can go from sitting to standing with less effort. It is easier to get out of bed in the morning and I can lift both arms above my head with no pain at all. I feel as though I have a bounce in my step, am more relaxed and have a greater freedom of movement. Plus I am sleeping better and am nigh on pain free for the first time in many years. And it's grateful thanks to Sarah and Feldenkrais.

Chris O, Nurse

I learned so much about how my pelvic floor is interconnected with everything else. And how important it is! Great balance between talking and "doing".

Sarah, Pelvic Worksop Attendee


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