Movement Works is embarking on the adventure of offering online classes. 

Online classes are suitable for newcomers and regulars who want to continue their practice and movement at home. 


Starting from 7 April you can roll out your mat in the comfort of your own home and join a “Not Yoga” Awareness Through Movement class.  Enjoy your favourite floor-based style class online to help you relax, feel better and reduce tension in a simple, yet effective way. 


These online chair-based classes are perfect for those who working from home and spending waaaaay more time sitting much more than usual (especially if it's less than ideal home office conditions).  Also these classes are great if you 

struggle to get up and down from the floor. A slightly shorter lesson that will help you relax, move better and find a more naturally upright and comfortable sitting posture. 







All classes will be done via Zoom, an online video meeting platform. Click on the links above to register for a class time (via email). You will then receive an email with details of how to join the Zoom class. 

You can come to just one class or come regularly at the same time each week, or join multiple classes per week.  



As these are early days of this experiment, I am aiming to keep things as simple as possible. 


Payment will be by donation through online banking (PayPal option coming soon). Suggested donation is $10 per class.


If you've lost your job or income due to the pandemic, please join for FREE. No explanation needed. I want you to feel supported, especially when basic needs and finances feel unstable - give yourself this gift and show up.



I get that you might be worried about using new technology. But if you can click on a link to watch a cat video you have the technical skills needed to join.


“Doors will open” 15 minutes before each scheduled start time so you can log on early to check your connection and work through any technical issues. If you are new to Zoom, you will need to download the app on your computer or smartphone before the first meeting (you only have to do this once).  There is also a phone only dial-in option if you don’t have access to a computer or smartphone.  


If you’re struggling with the technology, let me know and I will help as much as I can to get you online.  We can learn together as I’m new to this process too. 


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