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Saturday, 6 July 2024

1.00pm - 4.30pm

A 3½ hour breathwork, relaxation and movement workshop to reconnect with your breath, find calm and discover how to breathe easily and fully.


You will gain:

✅ Better breathing habits

✅ Increased energy

✅ Tools to help you find a calm, restorative state

✅ Support for healthy posture and movement

✅ Improved sleep quality 

✅ Enhanced fitness performance 

How you breathe is integral to how you feel, how you move and your overall wellbeing. 


In fact breathing is THE most constant and fundamental movement you do. Yet most of the time you likely don’t pay any attention to how you do it or the quality of your breath. 


In this workshop you will experience verbally-guided “Not Yoga” lessons (and a little bit of anatomy!) to:


💫 Discover it's more than “breathe in, breathe out” 

💫 Unravel and improve your breathing habits

💫 Regulate your nervous system with breathing

💫 How to enhance your breathing for everyday life.


Treat yourself to a workshop dedicated to healthy breathing and discover how better breathing can improve your life!



This is for you if you’re interested in increasing your energy levels, wellbeing or physical performance. It’s also great if you’re looking for ways to destress and find a sense of deep relaxation. And of course, it's especially helpful if you are asthmatic and / or a shallow / anxious breather.

Pricing: $125

Read the Workshop payment and refund policy here


Monday 5.30pm
Monday 7.00pm (ONLINE)

Tuesday 9.00am

Tuesday 5.30pm

Thursday 9.00am

New term will begins from 27 May 2024 (note no class on King's Birthday)

Enjoy your favourite floor-based “Not Yoga” Awareness Through Movement® class at the beautiful Movement Works Studio in Jervoistown, Napier or from the comfort of your home or office via Zoom.  


Each verbally guided lesson will help you relax, feel better and reduce tension in a simple, yet effective way. 

All classes are 1 hour. 

Bookings essential. 

Pricing: $65 for 4 classes or $20 casual.  

*If you miss a class you can catch up during the term at another class time or access audio recording (available for 2 weeks) to do in your own time at home. 

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