Pain, injury or limited mobility slowing you down? Feel like you just don't move like you used to?


At Movement Works we use a unique combination of movement and mindfulness to help you move better and feel better.  We give you the tools to build your confidence, improve your mobility and improve self-awareness. We help you undo movement habits that cause stress, pain and tension.  So you can do your everyday activities with ease and live the life you love. 

We offer a wide range of services to suit your situation, whether you are after an online class, an
in-person class or hands-on one-to-one help. 


Your body is designed to move, and move well. 


But sometimes it really doesn't feel like it!


Pain, injury, work, age can have an impact on how we move and how we feel.


We don't offer exercise in the traditional sense. Instead we help you become more self-aware so you can break the cycle of pain, tension and discomfort. You discover easy, natural and pain-free ways of doing your everyday activities like walking, turning, sitting, bending, lifting and reaching. 


Better movement is possible no matter what age or stage you start (and even when you have tried *everything* else).

Ready to move better? 

Sarah makes classes fun and

interesting at the same time. I find it fascinating to learn how the smallest of movements can have such an impact on the way my body works. I have benefited from the classes and recommend them to everyone.

Julie S, Accounts Clerk

After just a few sessions my shoulders and neck started to loosen up and the tension headaches were gone. I was completely amazed at what Sarah had achieved in such a short time. I feel much more relaxed overall, not just in my shoulders. Sarah has given me fantastic tools to improve my overall wellbeing. Feldenkrais has improved my daily life tremendously!

Andrea H, Homemaker


Whether you want to improve your everyday movement or get rid of pesky shoulder, neck or back pain, Sarah can help. 


Sarah from Movement Works acts like your personal movement detective. Using her many years of experience of helping people just like you move better, she looks into why your body feels tired and achy or your joints creak.  She helps you understand how your body is designed to move and lets you in on the secret of what the brain has to do with easy, pain-free and amazing movement. 


Individual appointments and classes (both in-person and online) are available.

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Fun group Awareness Through Movement ® classes now available in person and online. All levels welcome.

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Hands-on sessions and programs tailored to your specific needs. 

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Take a deep dive into your breathing, posture, pelvic floor and more. 


Come visit our big, airy studio based in a peaceful orchard setting in Jervoistown, Napier.